The Meier on Rothschild tower was designed by none other than Pritzker Prize winner Richard Meier.  This tower is located in the center of Tel Aviv’s cultural and commercial districts and is within walking distance of the beautiful beaches.  The tower features a variety of luxury amenities and was awarded with the American Green Standard for its environmentally friendly construction.

The TowerFeatures of the Meier on Rothschild Tower

Architect: The architect for this tower is the renowned Richard Meier who received the Pritzker Prize for his work and is one of the most esteemed architects of modern times.

Location: This tower is in an ideal location on Rothschild Boulevard – the heart of commerce and culture of Tel Aviv.  This stunning tower is also a few minutes walk from the beach.

Design Features: This building showcases white aluminum shades and is the most prominent feature of the building.  These shades are used as the siding for the building and have never been used before in any other Israeli buildings.  The aluminum is manufactured by Schuco in Germany.  The glass in the tower has an extra clear lead-free finish in order to maximize its transparency.

Environmentally Safe: This tower was awarded the American Green Standard for its environmentally safe features.  These features include energy conservation from the special shading, recycling bins on every floor and the use of air conditioned water for garden irrigation.

Swimming Pool: This tower has one of the largest residential pools in Israel – a semi Olympic 25 meter pool

Easy Access to the Tower: In contrast to other projects, this tower offers easy transportation routes into and out of the city via Yavneh Street.

Smart Home Systems

The tower is complete with smart home systems for increased efficiency and comfort.  These systems enable proper control over the tower systems and in each apartment, such as: water, electricity, fire extinguishing, sanitation, installation, climate control, security and communication.

All systems are regularly monitored to ensure that any possible  malfunctions are immediately located and repairedwith minimal energy loss and inconvenience.

Environmentally Friendly Planning and Design

The Meier on Rothschild tower makes use of revolutionary planning principles while employing local materials that are environmentally friendly for the health of both the environment and the residents.  This tower also features innovative eco-friendly systems including electricity, air conditioning and sanitation systems.

The position of the tower was decided with the use of advanced climactic analysis techniques in order to maximize the use of natural light while creating optimal shading to reduce energy costs for both air conditioning and lighting.

The design of the tower maximizes the use of the below ground space as to avoid overwhelming the other surroundings.  The underground floors are used for parking as well as a control center for the tower’s smart systems.

The tower is also equipped with systems and technologies to decrease the use of water by one-third.  This will be done with water shifts, active filtering, water recycling, penetration of rain water into the ground and more.

The Meier on Rothschild tower has the highest possible sanitation standards.  The tower is furnished with a sophisticated pneumatic waste collecting system which will be active at all times.  This system will allow for increased efficiency of waste collection for every apartment and it will separate waste into different categories to ensure proper recycling.

A secluded area with rich plant and tree life will be located along the court next to the building which will allow the residents and guests of the tower to enjoy their very own green view.

In order to promote the health of the environment, the satisfaction of residents and to improve the convenience of cyclists, the tower has a designated parking area for bicycles.  This area will also include a station for bicycle care and maintenance in order to promote eco-friendly and healthy modes of transportation.

The Elevated Lobby

The tower is designed to maximize the use of eco-friendly construction materials and employs the use of sophisticated planning principles in order to make this building as environmentally friendly as possible.  This raises the standards of living for the residents and it greatly reduces the impact that the building has on the environment.

The use of the underground areas will be used for a central point for the control of the tower’s systems and for a parking area.  The basement was chosen for the parking and control center location so the structure would not become too intrusive to the surrounding structures and environment.

The position of the tower was meticulously chosen through the use of sophisticated analysis of the climate in order to maximize the shade to lower energy and air conditioning costs and to maximize the ambient light to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

The tower is outfitted with advanced systems and technology that will decrease the use of water by roughly 30%.  The systems that will be used to accomplish this include water recycling, active filtering, use of recycled water to irrigate plants, active filtering and the allowance of rain water to penetrate the ground rather than directly into the sewage system.

The Meier on Rothschild tower adheres to the strictest sanitation standards with the use of innovative waste collection systems.  These waste collection systems are pneumatically powered and allow for the economical collection of waste as well as the separation of recyclable materials into the proper bins.

Along the court next to the tower there will be a sheltered area filled with lush plant life and trees.  This allows residents of the tower to enjoy their own green garden area.

In order to promote eco-friendly and healthy transportation, the tower has a bicycle parking that includes bicycle care and maintenance.

The Tower Wine Cellar

The primary wine cellar in the tower will serve residents with the highest quality standards.  This wine cellar allows residents to create their own wine collections and store them in optimal environmental conditions.

The Tower Spa

The spa at the Meier on Rothschild tower will incorporate a large area and will offer first-class equipment for massage, swimming, bathing, relaxation, exercise and sauna.  The spa is open for unlimited use for residents and their guests.  The amenities of the spa include:

  • Floating Pool: A large pool surrounded by glass to allow in natural light.  Residents can take a relaxing swim, or enjoy some peace and quiet while lounging on the lavish lounge chairs.
  • Relaxation Lounge: The large Relaxation Lounge includes individual booths and sofas for conversation, relaxation or work at any time of day or night. This area offers residents with access to communication and computer services as well as a beverage bar with a tremendous selection of homemade delectables.
  • Finnish Sauna: Located next to the pool is the top of the line Scandinavian style sauna to promote relaxation and cleansing of the soul and body.
  • Gym: The gym includes innovative equipment, professional trainers and rooms for a variety of exercise activities created for solo and group workouts.

The Meier Strip

The Meier Strip will be located next to the tower in the building that housed the well-known Tamar Passage.

This strip will be the epitome of luxury with roofed shopping that will offer residents with the best quality products and respected brands.